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Republic of Yemen

(This article expired 24.04.2013.)

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi has been officially accredited for the Republic of Yemen since 12 February 2012

History of bilateral relations

The modern history of mutual relations runs from the first half of the 20s of the past century, after the northern part of Yemen emancipated from the Ottoman domination and in 1918 established the independent Kingdom of Yemen. In 1938, successfully developing relations then resulted in the signature of Friendship Treaty thus providing legal background to mutual economic cooperation between the Czechoslovak Republic and Yemen. The Czech side ratified the Treaty on January 18, 1939 and the Yemeni side on March 12, 1939. Although the Treaty gave full scope to establish diplomatic relations, this possibility did not realize owing to the political and wartime development in the following epoch.

After the World War II, the Yemeni delegation headed by Crown Prince Al Badr visited the Czechoslovak Republic in 1956. A new Friendship Treaty was then signed on July 5, 1956, whereby both parties committed themselves to establish diplomatic relations. The Czech side ratified the Treaty on May 31, 1957, nevertheless the Agreement on Diplomatic Relations at the level of Diplomatic Legations, headed byl envoys-extraordinary, was legally completed by the exchange of Notes between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen and the Czech Ambassador in Cairo on September 9, 1956. In their initial stages, diplomatic relations between the two countries were implemented by way of the Czech Ambassador residing in Cairo and the Ambassador of Yemen in Prague. On April 25, 1963 the Diplomatic Missions were elevated to the level of Embassies. The Government of the ex-Czechoslovak Socialist Republic decreed to establish a full-fledged Embassy in Sana´a headed by chargé d´affaires a.i. in parallel authority with the Ambassador in Cairo. Since the beginning of 1985 the Head of the Mission resided in the capital of Sana´a.

South Yemen declared its independence with the withdrawal and departure of the last British soldier from Aden on November 11, 1967. Already on December 2, 1967, the President of the ex-Czechoslovak Socialist Republic sent a telegram of congratulations recognizing the independence of the state and expressing the readiness to establish diplomatic relations at the level of Embassies. The Joint Communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations was then signed on May, 30, 1968 in Cairo. The diplomatic representation was entrusted into the hands of the Czech Ambassador residing in Cairo. A new competent Czech diplomatic mission at the level of Embassy opened its office in Aden on November 8, 1973 i.e. on the day when the first Head of the Mission, Chargé d´Affaires a.i., handed in his Cabinet Paper. After that, mutual diplomatic relations were carried out through Czech Ambassadors in Cairo and on the Yemeni side alternatively through its diplomatic missions in Moscow and in Berlin. Since 1980 till the re-unification of both Yemeni state entities, the accredited Ambassadors were seated in Aden and in a reciprocal way in Prague.

The ex-Czechoslovak Federal Republic recognized the newly created Republic of Yemen immediately after the re-unification of North Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic) and South Yemen (Yemen People´s Democratic Republic) in 1990, continuting its cooperation in all spheres and fields. The new Yemeni state committed itself to honour all treates and agreements previously concluded and signed by both Yemeni state entities. And three years later the Republic of Yemen as one of the first states in the world recognized the newly-emerged Czech Republic on January 1, 1993.

Accreditation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi

Decision of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 618 of 28th August 2010 on cancellation of some diplomatic missions terminated mission of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sanaa on 31 January 2011 and since then the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi has been accredited for Yemen; official credentials of Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Yemen H.E. Mr. Jaroslav Ludva were handed over to H.E. Abdrabu Mansur Hadi, President of the Republic of Yemen on 12th February 2012.

However, for practical reasons the Czech Embassy in Cairo is competent for visa applications of Yemeni citizens and based on Agreement between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic of 4th November 2011; consular assistance to Czech citizens in Yemen is provided by the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Sanaa (Tel.: +967 1 244 929, e-mail: adel.alhuraibi@gmail.com).