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Play AUDIENCE written by Czech ex-president Havel in Abuja

On 7th June 2013 the Embassy of the Czech Republic presented a theatre play AUDIENCE directed by Patrick-Jude Oteh from the Jos Repertory Theatre (JRT).

About 120 theatre-goers came to see the performance at the premises of Transcorp Hilton Abuja.

The play AUDIENCE was written in 1975 by Mr. Václav Havel. During Communist regime in Czechoslovakia, Václav Havel was a dissident who constantly called for the respect of human rights in Czechoslovakia. He was imprisoned several times for his beliefs.

However his story has a happy end. In 1989, when the Communist regime collapsed after mass demonstrations, Czechoslovakia could return to democracy. Havel was elected as a president of the Czechoslovakia and after the peacefull split of the federation in 1993, he became the first president of the Czech Republic. During his presidential term, Havel struggled against incarceration of Olesegun Obasanjo, who latter became his close friend.

Václav Havel became a world-known iconic fighter for freedom, human rights and democracy. He died in December 2011 and did live to see the premiere of his play in Nigeria.

The main character of the play is Ferdinand Vaněk, the Václav Havel's alter ego, a distinguished intellectual who is forced to work in a brewery because his writing has been banned by the Czechoslovak Communist regime. His boss, the Foreman, an uneducated lazy fellow, calls Vaněk very often to his office for awkward talks. The only capability of the Foreman to work as a manager of a brewery is that he is able to drink 14 beers in one hour. While gallons of beer are being consumed by the Foreman, the absurd point of these calls is revealed only by the end of the play.

The Foreman was played by Mr. Sunny Adhson, a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, who loves and sings rap and is involved in script writing, drawing and painting. He has been seen in several movies including Sitanda, Speechless, Cindy's Notes and Forbidden. Mr. Mark Musa, who loves acting, script writing and football, represented Mr. Vaněk. The play was directed by Patrick Jude Oteh, Artistic Director of the Jos Repertory Theatre. Patrick Jude-Oteh studied Diplomacy and International Law and Theatre Arts.

AUDIENCE was also presented during 7th Jos Festival of Theatre on 25th February 2013. On the African continent, Václav Havel's plays were introduced in cooperation with the Czech Embassies in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The event was organised thanks to generous financial sponsorship from Diamond Bank, Julius Berger and Transcorp Hilton.


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