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Aid for Trade

Another part of the Czech Development Cooperation consists of projects called Aid for Trade. These projects fall under the responsibility of Ministry of Industry and Trade. Based on the interest and needs of the partner countries, the projects are directed to priority countries according to Czech Development Cooperation.

Within the Aid for Trade projects,  relatively small projects with a duration up to 1 year are implemented. The purposeof the projects is to help developing countries to integrate better into the international trading system and to use trade more effectively in order to reduce poverty. The purpose of these projects is to transfer experience, information, know-how and advices on specialized topics to help partner countries to facilitate trade, to aid state administration in the formulation and implementation of rules of the domestic market, to remove administrative barriers, to promote a business climate, to develop market institutions including the financial sector, etc.

Untill 2013, the following Aid for Trade projects were successfully implemented:

Project Title Implementing Body Year Amount (CZK)
Termal mineral water sources research in South Ethiopia Aquatest 2012 798 480
Development of food processing technology, focusing on small and medium enterprises in Ethiopia University of Life Sciences Prague 2012 566 000
Strenghtening the environment information management Aquatest 2013 940 000
Development of small and medium-sized enterprises in food production and preservation University of Life Sciences Prague 2013 650 000
Total budget of Aid for Trade Projects untill 2013 (in CZK) 2 954 480