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Bilateral Projects

In 2010, the Czech Government declared Ethiopia as the only African country among the five priority countries of the Czech Official Development Cooperation, with health, education, water supply and sanitation, agriculture, forestry and fishing and disaster prevention and preparedness as priority sectors.

The financial value of development projects implemented in Ethiopia in the period 2000-2013 reaches nearly 6 millions EUR.

The Czech Republic has had a significant presence in Ethiopia since 2001, providing assistance especially in education and water management and, to a lesser degree, in agriculture and social development. The Czech Development Cooperation with Ethiopia is mostly concentrated in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People´s Region (SNNPR).


Bilateral projects form the major part of the Czech Development Cooperation. These long-term development projects fight poverty, improve living standards and build capacity. Projects are designed in close cooperation with local partners in order to meet the needs of beneficiaries.

Identification , formulation, implementation and evaluation of bilateral projects is coordinated by the Czech Development Agency (CZDA), which finds implementing bodies among Czech NGOs, universities and private companies through declaring grants and public procurement.

The ongoing bilateral projects are based on development cooperation program for the period 2012-2017 under the Memorandum of Understanding on Development Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ethiopia. All development activities of the Czech Development Cooperation are also designed to meet the goals of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to support the Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Program - GTP).

Geographically, most of the projects are implemented in the South Nations , Nationalities and People's Region (SNNPR).

Bilateral projects of the Czech Development Cooperation are implemented in the following sectors:

•          Education

•          Health

•          Water supply and sanitation

•          Agriculture, forestry and fishery

•          Disaster prevention and preparedness

Between 2000 to 2013, the following bilateral projects were successfully implemented:

Sector Project Title Implementing Body Location Year Amount (CZK)
Education Supporting implementation of modern teaching technics in the Ethiopian educational system Peeople In Need Alaba and Awassa, SNNPR region 2003-2007 23 175 000
Provision of education and care for orphans with AIDS and their economic and social stabilisation in society Peeople In Need Awassa, SNNPR region 2004-2006 14 690 000
Extension of secondary school in Awassa and support of students (orphans with AIDS) Peeople In Need Awassa, SNNPR region 2007-2009 4 112 000
Supporting implementation of modern teaching methods in primary and secondary education in Ethiopia Peeople In Need Addis Ababa 2008-2010 12 100 000
Increasing Accessibility and Quality of Vocational Education of Leather production and tannery sector in Ethiopia Peeople In Need Addis Abeba and Awassa, SNNPR region 2011-2013 9 000 000
Increasing quality and relevance of education on primary and teacher education colleges in Ethiopia Peeople In Need Addis Ababa and SNNPR region 2011-2013 11 000 000
Health Integrated project on family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention Peeople In Need SNNPR region 2 008 3 437 000
Support to the Alaba-Kulito hospital: enhanced healthcare in Alaba ADRA Czech Republic Alaba region, SNNPR region 2011-2013 (extended) 6 700 143
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Anti-erosion measures in Awassa lake surronding Peeople In Need Awassa, SNNPR region 2008-2010 7 000 000
Suistainable management of soil, forest and water resources as a pilot model for community development of Southern Ethiopia Mendelova Univerzita Brno SNNPR region 2010-2012 11 600 000
Sustainable management of natural resources and support of small farmers' livelihoods Caritas Czech Republic Kachabirra Woreda, Kembata Tembaro zone, SNNPR region 06/2011-12/2013 11 000 000
Water Supply and Sanitation Hydrological study of the western lowlands and adjacent highlands of Ethiopia Aquatest West Ethiopia 2001-2005 5 600 000
Improvement of drinking water accessibility in Southwest regions of Ethiopia Peeople In Need Souhtwest Ethiopia 2003-2004 5 790 000
Groundwater resources investigation in drought stricken areas of Ethiopia Aquatest East Shawa, North Shawa, South Wello 2006-2009 6 872 000
Improving accessibility to potable water in Alaba Special Woreda Peeople In Need Alaba, SNNPR region 2007-2009 162 000
Evaluation of implementation of ZRS CZ in water management and sanitation in SNNPR region        Akses SNNPR region 2011 980 000
Capacity Building in the Field of Engineering Geology and Hydrology in Ethiopia Aquatest Ethiopia 2010-2012 6 769 120
Sustainable management of water schemes in Alaba special woreda Peeople In Need Alaba, SNNPR region 2011-2013 6 000 000
Geofyzikální průzkum oblasti Sidama Sidama Association -  Water Supply II. Sidama zone, SNNPR region 2013 1 934 000
Social Infrastructure and Welfare Introduction of low cost environment friendly construction materials for school construction Peeople In Need SNNPR region 2 006 143 000
Community-based rehabilitation project for children and youth with disabilities in teh North Gondar Zone Light for the World North Gondar, Amhara region 2009-2010 3 464 000
Total budget of bilateral projects untill 2013 (in CZK) 151 528 263