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Vladimír Židlický in the Middle Kingdom - exhibition foreword

People´s Daily newspaper: "Emotion Conveyed from Sound, Colour, Light, and Shadow"

Read the article of People´s Daily newspaper on the “embassyart艺馆”programme written after the interview with Ambassador Secka (Chinese original issued on May18th, 2012, by Wang Jiake). more ►

Fragile Harmony of Zdena Šafka Řeháková


On Friday evening, May 4, 2012, the opening of an exhibition of Zdena Šafka Řeháková was held at the Czech Embassy, ceremonially marking the end of the two years “embassyart艺馆“ cultural programme. The biggest surprise for everybody was the… more ►

Foreword of the Ambassador - exhibition of Ms. Zdena Šafka Řeháková (embassyart艺馆)


Zdena Šafka Řeháková and her world of images more ►

The opening of Strakas´ exhibition of paintings


On Friday, April 13, 2012, the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Jiří Straka and his wife A Qin was held at the Czech Embassy as the part of the “embassyart艺馆“ cultural programme. more ►

Piano Concert of Pavel Kašpar on April 14th 2012


Date: 14 April 2012  Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic

Visit of Ambassador Libor Sečka in the headquarters of one of the world’s largest newspapers


At the invitation of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and the Head of the Internet version of one of the biggest daily newspapers in the world Renmin Ribao (People’s Daily) Mrs. Ma Li, Ambassador Libor Sečka visited the headquarters of this principal… more ►