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“Pupendo“ at Francophone Film Festival

At the 18th Francophone Film Festival a Czech movie Pupendo will be screened. The audience can see it in the screening rooms of cultural centers, theatres, universities and embassies in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. The movie is in original sound with English and Chinese subtitles.

For more information about the screening schedule of the film Pupendo and other movies of the Festival, please see: http://www.faguowenhua.com

Or this link


Due to high expected attendance and limited seat capacity of the screening rooms we recommend to book the tickets on spot in advance.

谁来为卡夫卡塑像 Pupendo (2003)



Directed                              by Jan Hřebejk

Starring                               Bolek Polívka & Eva Holubová

Release date(s)                  27 March 2003 (2003-03-27)

 Running time                     120 minutes

Country                               Czech Republic

Language                            Czech


Pupendo shows the difficulty of life in Czechoslovakia during the 1980s. Artist Bedřich Mára (Bolek Polivka) is unable to find much secure work due to his public antagonism toward the ruling Communist Party. He has a wife and two children. Life begins to change when art historian Alois Fábera (Jiři Pecha) begins working on a piece about Bedřich, leading to a job offer from a Party official. Things are looking up, until the wrong people hear portions of the historian's writing.

Pupendo影片展示了20世纪80年代在捷克斯洛伐克生活的窘境。由于艺术家Bedřich Mára(Bolek Polivka)公开反对执政的共产党,因此无法找到一份有太多保障的工作。他有一个妻子和两个孩子。当艺术史学家Alois Fábera (Jiři Pecha)开始使用Bedřich的作品后,他的生活从此发生改变,最终得到了一个工作机会,是由一位共产党的官员提供给他的。一切正在好转,就在这时一些人得知艺术史学家关于这部分的一些描述,事情发生改变。


•              Bolek Polívka - Bedrich Mára

•              Eva Holubová - Alena Márová

•              Jaroslav Dušek - Míla Brecka

•              Jiří Pecha - Alois Fábera

•              Vilma Cibulková - Magda Brecková

•              Lukáš Baborský - Matej Brecka