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Important notice to Syrian citizens

(This article expired 08.12.2013.)

The Visa Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus has temporarily suspended its activities. However, starting 27 December 2012, citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic may apply for short- and long-term stay permits at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut.

For short-term stay visas, applications will be accepted for a limited range of travel purposes, as follows:

- visits of family members of a citizen of the EU

- visits based on invitation for direct family members of a Syrian national holding a long-term residence in the Czech Republic

- visits for business purposes

- educational (study) or scientific visits

Applications for special humanitarian reasons (medical etc.) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Long-term visa and long-term or permanent residence permit applications will be processed in a standard fashion.

Starting 9 December 2012, visa and residence permit applications will no longer be accepted at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus.