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Airport Visas with Limited Territorial Validity

Information concerning the requirement of Airport Visa for passport holders of some countries transiting through the transit area of the Czech international airport

Holders of passports of some countries c an enter and stay in the transit area of the international airport in the Czech Republic only with a valid airport visa issued by the Embassy of the Czech Republic abroad.

The countries are as follows:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian autonomous territories, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

This requirement does not apply to holders of diplomatic, service or special passport of the above stated countries.

With the exception of passport holders of Syria , the airport visa is also not required in case the traveller holds:

  • a valid Schengen visa or a visa issued by Bulgaria and Romania or
  • a valid Residence permit in one of the EU member countries or
  • a valid Residence permit in Andorra, Canada, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland or USA

List of requirements for the issuance of the Airport Visa

  • a valid travel document (its validity must exceed the prospective return day by at least three months)
  • 1 photo
  • visa or residence permit of the destination country in case the visa is required by the country in question
  • flight ticket