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Head of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Prof Miroslav Barta, delivered a lecture at the Czech Embassy in Cairo

(This article expired 03.12.2014.)

Date: 28 December 2013, Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic

Prof Barta delivered the lecture "Priests of the Sun God Ra: Latest Discoveries on the Pyramid Field of Abusir“ in the cinema hall of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cairo. The evening was organized in close co-operation between the Embassy and the Czech Institute of Egyptology.

Tens of invited guest attended the special evening to enjoy the very professional and engaging lecture. The Czech Egyptologists have had a great success as they discovered another Ancient tomb in October, 2013. The latest discovery is the tomb of the Pharaonic chief physician of the 5th dynasty "Shepseskaph Ankh", which was discovered in the sandy depths of the archeological site in Abou Sir.

In the last part of the evening an introduction of Prof Barta's book "Way to the Afterlife" took place under the auspices of Ambassador Pavel Kafka. The Arabic version of the book is an output of the project carried out in the frame-work of the Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic. The book shall contribute to improving the Egyptian archeologists vocational qualification.


Prof. Miroslav Bárta, Director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology

Ambassador Pavel Kafka, Prof. Miroslav Barta and Antient Antiquities Inspectors