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You have to register yourself for the visa appointment in VISAPOINT



  • On line registration for the applicants who need to apply for short or long term stay visa.

  • To cancel your reservation, you have to write us an e-mail at consulate_cairo@mzv.cz with this request and mentioning your tracking number, name and number of your passport.



Important information for visa applicants

  • In the Visapoint you have to write your complete name and surname as it is written in your passport.
  • Registration can be done within 30 days from actual date, with each day and hours new appointments are available.
  • Please bring your tracking number with you for your appointment.


  • It is an on line registration for the applicants who need to apply for short or long term stay visa.
  • Every applicant must be registered in VISAPOINT for submission of the application. Without proper registration, the applicant will not be allowed to submit the visa application at the Embassy of the Czech Republic, no interviewwill be held and the processing of the application will not begin.

How to use the VISAPOINT?

  • The system started to operate from November 15, 2012.
  • Registration is available at “https://visapoint.eu”. At the time of your appointment please bring your confirmation number.
  • The applicant should register for submission of the visa application on the above mentioned website. In order to register, she/he needs to have an e-mail address.
  • The registration can be done by the applicant herself /himself, but also by the inviting party or by any other person. Registration is free of charge. Submitting a registration does not mean that the visa has been approved or granted.  
  • If the registration is not confirmed within 60 minutes by the applicant through her/his e-mail, then it will become available for the next applicant.  
  • Eventual cancellation of the appointment must be done by writen request via consulate_cairo@mzv.cz.

The objective of VISAPOINT?

  • The primary objective of the VISAPOINT system is to ensure equal and equitable access for every applicant, to establish equal conditions for submission of applications for short term visas, as well as long-term visas, to increase the effectiveness of the visa process and - last but not least - to ensure comfort for the applicants.

VISAPOINT information in Arabic.




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