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VII. Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts

International show of graphic artists, who use classic graphic techniques

The Biennial is an international show in graphic arts. It was organized for the first time in 2002. Already in that first year, it became a prominent international event for authors in graphic arts using conventional techniques, and contributed considerably to the presentation of the Plzeň Region in tourism and in the cultural and social life in the Region. Each consequential show had moved the Biennial both in quality and the number of entered artists.

VII. Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts

§ 1
The Biennial is an international show of graphic artists, who use classic graphic techniques. The participation in the Biennial is not limited.

§ 2
The main organizer is Agentura AM art, s.r.o. The co-organizer is the Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horák in Rokycany and eventually other approved bodies.

All principal issues of the show are decided by the Presidium, consisting of the representatives of the main organizer and co-organizers. The executive powers lie with the ORGANIZATION STAFF, headed by the Program Director. All main organizers, co-organizers and media partners will appear in the show as agreed and in compliance with their respective contracts.

§ 3
Graphic-art works will be concentrated, appraised and awarded in the international show “The Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts” in a single competition category.
The goal and mission of “The Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts” is to provide opportunities to the participating artists to present and popularize their work.

§ 4
The bodies of the show are the PRESIDIUM and the ORGANIZATION STAFF. The Presidium manages the Biennial preparation and course and is appointed by the main organizers. The Presidium is the highest executive body of the show. It represents the organizers in the show preparation and during the course of the show.

The ORGANIZATION STAFF manages the show in the technical and organizational point of view. The Presidium appoints the members of the Organization Staff and checks its operations. The show is represented externally by the President of the Biennial.

On the recommendation of the Jury, the organizers award the following prizes:
1. The Main Biennial Award
2. Special recognition
3. Other prizes awarded by organizing and co-organizing firms

The Jury has the right not to award any of the prizes. The prizes cannot be shared. Authors who are members of the Jury or of the organization bodies of the show will not be awarded.

§ 5
Financially, the festival is prepared and realized by the main organizers and co-organizers within the scope and form of their respective contracts.

§ 6
The show program consists of the following events:
- Preview
- Prize awards
- The show of competition and non-competition works
- Final
- Other side events

§ 7
The show has a character of competition where no order of winners will be sought but prestigious prizes will be awarded.
The show is not limited thematically.

The works are entered for the competition by their authors. Those works that appeared at other competitions and shows can also be entered.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse works propagating racial intolerance, drugs, violence, and pornography, or otherwise being inconsistent with the law of the Czech Republic.

§ 8
The Jury is appointed by the PRESIDIUM and consists of experts in the field.
The Jury elects a chairman to represent it externally. The Jury will prepare a final report on its work and results achieved.

§ 9
Side events can be organized along with the show.

§ 10
By filing an application the applicant undertakes to respect the conditions of the show.

The transport of showpieces to the show will be paid for by the applicants. The showpieces will be sent in accordance with the instructions defined in the application form. The number of showpieces is not limited.

Application fee makes 600 Kč / or 25 € / or 35 USD. If the applicant leave his exposed showpieces in possession of organizers, his participation in the Biennial is free of charge.

§ 11
The competition is held in one category only, without any limitation and for one main award.
Possible other prizes will be awarded by the sponsors.


RBG 2014 - information and application form 98 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Apr 10, 2014