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Porada k filmovému projektu "Czechs in Chicago" na WTTW

(Archivní článek, platnost skončena 27.06.2014.)

Kdy: ve středu 10. března od 19 do 20 hod., kde: Klas Restaurant, Cicero, IL.

American Sokol is proud to support the exciting new Film ProjectCzechs in Chicago that is being developed by Manifest Films for Chicago PBS TV, WTTW channel 11. It will be a ninety minute, feature-length documentary about the history of the Czech people in the Chicago area, their immigrant experience, and the highlights of its community today.  

Chicagoand the Czech Lands have had strong ties for over 150 years. The Czechs have had an important role in building and shaping Chicago, and Chicago in turn, empowered them to prosper and give back to their homeland. This compelling story has never before been told on film, where those of every culture will be exposed to it.

This film project belongs to the Czech American Community, and we believe the Community cares enough to help see it become a reality. We are certain you will agree that the project is an incredible opportunity to finally tell our story to a television audience of several million households.

Manifest Films understands that most of the Czech American Organizations will not be able to contribute the significant funding that is needed to professionally produce the documentary film. So together, we have found a perfect solution. The Community can contribute a smaller amount, yet contribute in a huge way, by raising the funds to produce a promotional “trailer”. 

The trailer, a short (approximately 5 minute) video will feature the highlights of our story. It will be used to market the proposed film and obtain funding from donors who have the means to make larger contributions. But the Czech American Community will have the privilege of being at the very root of the project. By giving their support at this critical first level, they will make it possible to tell the story about our community – a story that will be a permanent legacy for all Czechs in Chicago and its future generations.  

Shooting of the trailer will begin May 1st with the anticipated support of the Czech Community.  We are hoping that your Organization can give $500 - $1000.  We are arranging a meeting from for all Organization and Community leaders to discuss the project, and the ways we can enlist our community.  We would like you to be there:

7:00 to 8:00pm on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at Klas Restaurant

The producers Susan Marcinkus and Larry Jacobs will be there as well, to answer any questions you may have. We want to bring the entire Czech American Community together to make this happen and be sure that all Czech Americans in Chicago are a part of it. 

Please let us know if you will be able to attend this meeting. You may contact either one of us.

We will call you next week to confirm your attendance and answer any questions you have. 

Thank you for being a part of this project and getting our story told.