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Genealogical Research

Over the last few years, we have witnessed an increasing interest in genealogical research among Czech Americans. Our Consulate has received many requests for information on how and where to start researching their Czech lineage. Aside from the several individual researchers both in the United States

Aside from the several individual researchers both in the United States and in the Czech Republic, the usual procedure recommended by our Embassy in the past was always led through the State Central Archives in Prague -- an umbrella institution that coordinated research for non-citizens for all types of records and in all areas of the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, we have recently been informed that due to the overwhelming number of genealogical queries from all over the world, the State Central Archives is unable to guarantee individual requests to private persons in a period shorter than one half of a year. Under such conditions, the State Central Archives in Prague is seriously considering the option of not accepting any further private requests.Therefore further find the information on State Central Archives in Prague and list of others Czech genealogical societies as well.


The Administration of Archives of the Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic (Archivní správa Ministerstva vnitra ČR) wishes to inform you about genealogical research done by the states archives. Request for research studies and/or reproductions of documents from archival groups deposited in the state archives of the Czech Republic should be addressed to :
Archivni sprava MV CR
M. Horakove 133
166 21 Praha 6
Czech Republic - Europe

Such research is based on vital statistics registers (of birth, marriage and death) and can provide you with information about a person's birth name, marriage and death, information about their parents, their parents's professions (only those listed on the Birth Certificate), names of their wives or husbands and names of the witnesses of the marriage (only those listed on Marriage Certificate), cause of death (only that listed on Death Certificate), etc.

Genealogical research in State Archives can be done with respect to documentation dated prior to the year 1900. Request for a research study must include the necessary fundamental data. Without such data research is either impossible or calls for more time and therefore is more expensive. If the applicant owns originals of registrar's certificates, he/she may greatly facilitate research by enclosing photocopies with his/her application for research study .The time required for the processing of an application depends on the difficulty and complexity of the research study.
Researchers wishing to make personal studies in the State Archives in the Czech Republic (State Central Archives in Praha and State Regional Archives in Praha, Brno, Litomerice, Opava, Plzen and Zamrsk) shall address their applications for admission to the above address of the Administration of Archives of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Application for study in all other archives shall be addressed directly to the archives concerned.

To request an official birth, marriage or death certificate from the Czech Republic, you will need to fill out the following form. A printable copy may be found here.


to Request a Certificate from the Czech Republic

(Please print or type clearly. Place names should be written in Czech.)

A. Description of requested certificate (e.g. birth, marriage, death):

B. Information to be on certificate:

1.Last name

Maiden name:

First name:

Middle name:

  1. Date of birth (day/month/year) of person on certificate:

Town, county and country of individual's birth:

Most recent address of person on certificate:

  1. Fill in only if you are requesting a marriage certificate:

Date of marriage (day/month/year):

Town, county and country of marriage:

Current marriage status (single, divorced, widowed):

  1. Fill in only if you are requesting a death certificate:

Individual's date of death:

Town, county and country of individual's death:

C. Information on the parents of the person mentioned in Section B:

1. Father's first and last name:

Father's date of birth:

Father's town, county and country of birth:

2. Mother's first and maiden name:

Mother's date of birth:

Mother's town, county and country of birth:

D. Information on person who is requesting the certificate:

  1. First and last name:
  2. Relationship to individual whose name is to be on certificate or legal interest:
  3. Current address:

E. Notes/Comments:

Town and date:

Signature of applicant: