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Financial Resources Required for a Stay for Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Amount of financial resources required for the a stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Czech Republic is based on the calculations with the fixed amount of the minimum living expenses in the Czech Republic set by the Art. 5 para 1 of the Law No. 110/2006 Coll., on the Minimum Living Expenses, which entered into force as of January 1, 2007.

Based on current amounts of the minimum living expenses, an adult foreigner must be in possession of:

For the stay of: ... the amount of:
1 day 1.010 CZK
2 days 2.020 CZK
3 days 3.030 CZK
10 days 10.100 CZK
15 days 15.150 CZK
20 days 20.200 CZK
25 days 25.250 CZK
1 month 30.300 CZK
2 months 34.340 CZK
3 months 38.380 CZK
4 months 42.420 CZK
5 months 46.460 CZK
6 months 50.500 CZK
7 months 54.540 CZK
8 months 58.580 CZK
9 months 62.620 CZK
10 months 66.660 CZK
11 months 70.700 CZK
1 year 74.740 CZK
For the stay over 90 days in total for business purposes: 101.000 CZK
  • A person under 18 years of age must be in possession of at least half of the amountrequested for an adult person.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means can be presented in form of either internationally accepted credit card, travellers' cheques or cash.
  • If credit card is presented, bank statement stating the credit limit must be attached.
  • If traveller´s cheques are presented, they must hold applicant´s name and must be pre-authorized (one signature).
  • Debit card issued by American bank can be used only if is can be used outside of USA as well, eg. if it the issuing bank is a member of VISA (TM), VISA PLUS (TM), Cirrus (TM) or Maestro (TM).
  • Copy of front side of the card (has to be verified by Public Notary) must be accompanied with relevant bank account statement (short-term visits require statement from last month, long-term visits require statements from last three months).