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Press Release of Czech-American TV

Czech-American TV is celebrating 10 years of existence.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, February 17, 2014


Cape Coral, FL - Do you want to learn more about Czech heritage? Maybe
how to make traditional Bohemian dumplings or you want to learn how to
speak Czech? You are at the right place: Czech-American TV will offer
you all of that and more.

Czech-American TV dedicates itself to promote Czech culture, tradition
and history through various educational programs and documentary films.

This very unique broadcast platform was founded 10 years ago by John
Honner - an American TV Producer of Czech origin. Today, Czech-American
TV has branched out in multiple states in the USA and throughout Europe.

Its content is viewable online which offers the broadcast to reach out
to hundreds of thousands of viewers across the US and worldwide. Most
viewers are in Texas, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey,
Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan,
Washington, the Dakotas, Iowa and in Oklahoma.

On Czech-American TV you can watch documentary films about genealogy,
traditional Czech cuisine, language video classes, folk art, music and
dances that are part of the Czech culture. All of shows are in English,
which makes them accessible to many English-speakers throughout the
globe. Streamed shows from the past 6 months are conveniently stored in
the online archive for viewers to watch.

Czech American TV just launched its new website. The website has a brand
new design and its educational broadcasts are now be available on
iPhones and iPods.

Czech-American TV is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that offers
ad-free broadcasts and spends its financial resources mainly on
technical expenses. Support comes from various grants, gifts and
donations given by the viewers. Czech-American TV's staff consists of
many volunteers who like to donate their time and skills to achieve a
well-rounded programming.

Czech-American TV broadcasts for many Czech-American fellows from all
around of USA. Any cooperation with Czech American heritage
organizations is greatly valued and appreciated.

Czech-American TV's programs are available on at any
time. New content is updated every Monday.

Tereza Paďourová
General Manager for Public relation

Czech-American TV
Phone: +1 708 813 0028
Address: CATV, P.O.Box 100001, Cape Coral, FL 33910, USA