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Removal from the Election Specific Registry at the Czech Consulate

If you are registered with the Election Specific Registry at our Consulate and do not intend to vote at the Consulate, you can ask to be removed from the Election Specific Registry and vote in the Czech Republic. The application can be written in Czech Language by hand freely or you can use our Application form (please see below). The application can be delivered in person; by mail or fax (request made by phone or e-mail is not allowed).

Removal can be done no later than 3 days before the first day of elections. Voter who already has obtained Voter ID card can be removed only if Voter ID card is returned together with an application for removal to our Consulate.

Application for Removal from theElection Specific Registry


Zadost_o_vyskrtnuti_ze_ZSV_GK_Chicago.pdf 29 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Nov 7, 2012