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Trade & Economy

We would like to offer you basic information about the development of Czech and American economy and also useful information for both Czech as well as American exporters. This section will also offer you links to websites of relevant governmental institutions in the Czech Republic. You can also contact CzechTrade, the governmental agency for the promotion of foreign trade, present in Chicago.

Information sources:

1. CzechTrade Chicago


This National Trade Promotion Agency provides services in relation to entering a foreign market (how specific market operates), assistance in the search for new costumers and suplementary marketing services.
Zuzana Pittnerova, Director of the Chicago office, 505 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 218, Chicago, IL 60611, U.S.A.,
E-mail:, Tel: +1 312 644 1790, Fax: +1 312 527 5544,


2. Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington

Ing. Tomáš Hart, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section, 3900 Spring of Freedom St., NW. Washington, DC 20008, Tel: 202-274-9100, ext. 104, e-mail:

For more information, we also encourage you to visit the website of the economic and commercial section of our Embassy in Washington.

3. "Doing business" in the Czech Republic

doing business

The server  is designed for foreign entities interested in information about Czech enterprises or trade with them. The server regularly publishes specialized information on trade opportunities with the Czech Republic in different regions and industrial sectors, and also news. An important part is formed by the company contacts listed in a directory of exporters.

4. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic