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Recognition of Qualifications and Education

In principle, it is necessary to distinguish between two basic terms – the recognition of professional qualification (i.e. qualification to practise a profession) and the recognition of professional education (in other words proof of the completion of education).

Recognition of Professional Qualifications (i.e. professional recognition)

It focuses on assessing the knowledge and skills of a specific person, with this knowledge and skills being possible to prove by a document of formal qualification (education and preparation) but also by a document of an actual performance of the relevant activity or other document. The outcome of the process of professional recognition is a decision as to whether the person in question has sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to perform the specific profession or activity.

Recognition of Education Attained (i.e. academic recognition)

This can be defined as the recognition of diplomas, qualifications or parts of study programmes of a (domestic or foreign) educational institution by another educational institution. Such recognition is usually considered as the basis for acceptance for further study at the second institution or as recognition allowing a certain type of exception from an obligation to repeat a study of some parts of the programme. Academic recognition is characterised by a detailed comparison of the study plans, whether is or is not equivalent to the education provided in the Czech Republic.

Recognition of Qualifications

The issue of mutual recognition of professional qualifications for the purposes of practising a profession affects cca 360 professions and professional activities in the Czech Republic, in whose case legislation regulates the conditions for entry to these professions and professional activities (‘their commencement’) and the conditions for their practice. These are the so-called regulated professions and regulated professional activities.

More information about “Recognition of Qualifications and Education” in the Czech Republic can be found on a website of The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS, MŠMT in Czech).