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VAT-Refund in the Czech Republic

Since April 1, 2000, all foreign visitors (except those coming from European Union countries) to the Czech Republic can apply for value added tax (VAT) refund, which is either 20 % or 10 % of the total amount paid for the goods. In order to get  the VAT refund the foreigners must fulfil the following conditions.

The price of the goods including VAT must exceed 2,000 CZK.
Goods must be purchased in one day from a retailer marked by TAX REFUND sign. You must ask a retailer for the TAX REFUND FORM and the receipt. The purchased goods must leave the country within 30 days after the day of purchase.
VAT refund must be claimed (1) with the same retailer in person or (2) through a specialized collecting agencies (such as Global Blue, Global Refund, Premier Tax Free).

How to get VAT refund:

1. Buy goods for more than 2,000 CZK  from a retailer marked by TAX REFUND sign.

2. Request the envelope, the VAT REFUND FORM and the receipt.

3. Have the VAT REFUND FORM filled out, indicating the VAT amount, and have it stamped by the retailer.

4. Have your VAT REFUND FORM validated at the border or at the airport by the Czech Customs Office. If you travel by train you must ask for a Customs officer.

5. (a) Stop at any of the specialized collecting agency's refund office at the border and get the cash; or (b) return home and mail your VAT forms and receipts to any of the specialized collecting agencies, requesting the refund; or (c) keep all the forms and receipts and claim the refund with the same retailer during your next trip to the Czech Republic (within 90 days from the day of purchase).


Tax is not refunded on food, cigarettes, alcohol, and petrol.

Neither a person who is Czech citizen nor a person who is residing in the Czech Republic can apply for VAT refund.

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York City or the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C. cannot validate VAT refund forms or refund VAT.

Please read more to find out how to get a VAT-refund.

For more information you can contact the Cash Refund Offices in the Czech Republic.

Cash Refund Agents:
Global Blue Czech Republic

Address: Vodičkova 38/1935, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Free hot line number: +420 800-186-238

Global Blue
Tel: 1 866 706 6090

Premier Tax Free
Tel: 00420 222 250 263

For more detail information you may also want to contact the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic