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Brno RCC

The Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental non-profit organization established according to the Chambers of Commerce Act and its history dates till 1850.

The Brno RCC has more then 500 members who are at the same time the most important clients of the chamber.The members' companies are of different sizes active in different fields of business.

Brno RCC serves to support entrepreneurial activities and to promote and protect the interests of member firms. Almost 600 members includes companies from the region but Czech Republic as well, which can use chamber´s services, participate on match-making Events and business meetings, companies can explore new business opportunities and jointly lobby for key business issues.

Contact person: Petr Bajer – CEO (e-mail:



Proton Therapy Center

Proton Therapy Centre Czech – Gentle and Most Advanced Treatment in the Heart of Europe

The Proton Therapy Centre Czech (PTC), a private medical centre in Prague, has successfully entered its second year of operation. Since opening, it has made itself available to patients from all over the world, and has to date treated patients from eighteen countries – including Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and The Russian Federation. The mix of clinical indications treated corresponds with world trends - half of the patients treated had prostate cancer, followed by pediatric cancer, brain cancer, head and neck cancer and lymphoma. For patients with those indications, proton therapy offers a new, revolutionary chance for a smooth recovery and a rapid return to their usual daily lives following treatment.

Compared with traditional photon therapy, proton therapy is considerably gentler because it involves less damage to healthy tissues. Proton Therapy Centre Czech in Prague utilizes the most advanced form of proton therapy scanning technology available today – referred to as Pencil Beam Scanning. This remarkable technology enables treatment of tumours with millimeter precision, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy structures. “It is remarkable that this new scanning mode increases the preciseness of the dose delivery by another 50% compared to the older modes of proton therapy. Therefore, we are able to treat patients with higher doses and shorten their treatment time”, says Dr Kubeš, the Head of proton therapy at PTC Czech. Additionally, all diagnostic methods including PET/CT are available in a single, centralized location. Other great advantages for oncology patients are short admission times and affordable conditions of treatment. The Prague Centre’s English speaking staff can arrange additional services such as accommodation and leisure time activities including sightseeing. This is also possible due to the fact that most patients treated at PTC Czech so far have undergone proton therapy with little or no complications. Detailed examinations given after treatment confirm that their health is improving.

PTC Czech employs top specialists in the fields of radiotherapy, radiology, and nuclear medicine, and cooperates with the international proton community including US proton centers. According to Professor James Metz from University of Pennsylvania during a visit to Prague, ”Proton Therapy Centre Czech offers the best care, and the most advanced technology available in the market today.“

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