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How to submit the application for Czech Criminal History Record


You can apply for the Czech Criminal History Record at our Consulate in person with the Birth Number (RODNÉ ČÍSLO) through the CZECH POINT or by mail (Birth Number/RODNÉ ČÍSLO is not required). Please make appointment at 646 422 3306. more ►

Driving motor vehicles in the Czech Republic


  Every person driving a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic has to carry either a Czech driver´s license or any international driver´s license accepted in the Czech Republic. Driver´s licenses issued by individual states in the U.S., are not… more ►

Import of motor vehicles to the Czech Republic


Prior to the registration of a motor vehicle that was imported to the Czech Republic, the vehicle must be inspected by the Technical Inspection Unit. The certificate issued by this Unit remains valid for three months for the purpose of… more ►

How to claim value added tax refund?


Since April 1, 2000, foreign visitors (except those coming from European Union countries) to the Czech Republic can apply for value added tax (VAT) refund. In order to get VAT refund foreigners must fulfil the following conditions: more ►

How to travel with pets and import animals


Veterinary requirements for travel with pets and for import of animals to the Czech Republic more ►

Gun permits


If you are travelling to the Czech Republic and carry a firearm and/or ammunition, you will need to present a Firearms Permit to the immigration officer . You will also need such a permit if you are sending firearms or ammunition to the Czech… more ►

Customs information


Quantity limits regarding imports of goods for individuals more ►