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Tjekkiske firmaer søgende samarbejdet i Danmark

Name: ABF, a.s.
Web pages:
Activity: exhibitions and trade fairs in the Czech Republic
ABF trade fair calendar 2011

Web pages:
Activity: The company is engaged in camping tourism, is looking for a foreign partner/investor.

Web pages:
Activity: commercial and service comapny (extinguishing equipments)

Name: Pavol Floriš - DOZEP
Web pages:
Activity: wind, mobile and hand waterpump

Web pages:
Activity:internet shop with Czech glass products and costume jewelry

Name: ELMARCO s.r.o.
Web pages:
Activity:machines for industrial production of nanofibers

Name: Bovidix Corp
Web pages:
Activity: representation of U.S. company Bovidix - industrial tools and equipment

Name: Petr Plany
Activity: manufacture of clothes for dogs
looking for a dealership

Name: Europelet Group a.s.
Web pages:
Activities: Czech company, which produces environmentally friendly wood pellets.

Name: Central and Eastern European Translation Ltd. (CEET Ltd.)
Web pages:
Activities: Prague-based company with a branch office in the USA offers expert localization services, translations and interpreting from and into a wide range of (not only) European languages.

Name: Factoring České spořitelny, a.s.
Web pages:
Activities: Modern financial company focused on factoring operations. It provide its clients with receivable funding, management, security and collection.

Name: Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s.
Web pages:
Activities: Carlsbad mineral water company is a leader on the mineral water market in the Czech Republic. Carlsbad mineral water company produces high quality mineral water Mattoni and Magnesia and spring water Aquila.

Name: UNITHERM, s.r.o.
Web pages:
Activities: Casting of aluminium into sand and ingot moulds. Machining of aluminium castings, steel and cast iron, providing of surface treatment according to customer requirements. Heat engineering and Heating technology.

Name: B:TECH
Web pages:
Activities: Operation automation which will lead to an increase in efficiency and reliability - Building Management, Weak-Current Systems, Heavy-Current Installations, Switchboard Production, Outsourcing of Services, Engineering Production.

Name: Holiday Park Lisci Farma
Web pages:
Activities: Holiday Park Lisci Farma is the biggest and most luxurious family campsite**** with hotel*** in the Czech Republic. Its 15-years old tradition is guarantee of quality accommodation and boarding services with varied and high standard services and with wide range offer of animation, sport and culture programs.

Name: AMYLON Company
Web pages:
Activities: Production of traditionary branded and private puddings, packaged potatoes and floury mixtures, kitchen ingredients for baking, sweet courses and whipped creams in powder certified by IFS (International Food Standard) at Higher Level

Name: Bentley Brunel
Web pages:
Activities: Doors/Windows supplies, Scandinavian profile, high quality, Doors/Windows for Architects projects, Developers/Large quantity work/bespoke work.

Name: VARI
Web pages:
Activities: Dealing with manufacture and sale of small farming, garden and communal machinery and accessories. Special focus on mowers of high-grown grass (drum mowers, mulchers) and a unit assembly system of 2-wheel minitractors with large scale of accessories.

Name: TOS Svitavy
Web pages:
Activities: Production of woodworking machiones (complete projects of sawmills and joinery shops inclusive realization, production of manual selfcentering universal chucks

Web pages:
Activities: Tool Production and Precision Assemblies, Production of components, spare parts for: section mill forming rolls, reducing stands, atypical hydraulic cylinders

Name: MOTOR Jikov
Web pages:
Activities: Manufacture of components and parts of cars, small agricultural automation machines and equipment, and cleaning machines

Name: ELEKTROSVIT Svatoborice
Web pages:
Activities: Production of Flameproof, Industrial and Special Luminaires and Spotlights

Name: ZDB, zavod valcovna, ocelarna a recyklace
Web pages:
Activities: Products of rolling mills (hot rolled bars, special bars straightened), steelworks (standard produced ingots) and recycling (ecological liquidation of machinery, handling with scrap incl. transport, all types of demolition works)

Name: JAWA Moto
Web pages:
Activities: Production of Motocycles - Classic, Style, Sport, Travel

Web pages:
Activities: PP strapping bands

Web pages:
Activities: Manufacturing and selling papers, food greaseproof papers and open mouth and valve papers bags

Web pages:
Activities: Manufacture and Engineering of Biological wastewater treatment plant

Web pages:
Activities: Production of packaging and processing machinery

Name: TIMO
Web pages:
Activities: Production of postmastecomy lingerie

Name: WICO B.G.M.
Web pages:
Activities: Production of zippers

Name: D & B
Web pages:
Activities: Business information for credit, marketing and purchasing decisions worldwide

Web pages:
Activities: Document translation service, Website and software localization, Desktop publishing


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