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Czech Days in Greenland

During "the Czech Days in Greenland” 3 – 7 September 2008, a presentation of Czech economy, culture, and tourism took place in Katuaq, the Culture Centre of Nuuk.

During the Czech Days in Greenland 3 – 7 September 2008, a presentation of Czech economy, culture, and tourism took place in Katuaq, the Culture Centre of Nuuk.The presentation was prepared by the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen in cooperation with the Czech agencies CzechTrade and CzechTourism.

Katuaq - the Culture Centre of Nuuk

Apart from a lecture and a public debate about the Czech Republic, the Czech Days also included screening of four Czech films (Kolja, Václav, Happiness, The Indian and the Nurse), the photo exhibition called Czech UNESCO Sites and the exhibition of Martin Velíšek’s illustrations for the Czech edition of Greenlandic Myths and Legends by Knud Rasmussen (please see the exhibition).

Greenland Velíšek
Exhibition of Martin Velíšek’s illustrations in Katuaq

The economy and tourism of the Czech Republic were presented and discussed in the Tourism and Business Council of Greenland. Following this a number of individual meetings were held with Greenlandic companies. Furthermore, the Czech delegation met with the representatives of the Home Rule Government, and with the Mayor of Nuuk, the President of the University, and the Director of the Atuakkiorfik publishing house.

Greenland ministryně
Minister for Foreign Affairs and for Finance, Aleqa Hammond with Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka

The Czech Days were the first overall introduction of the Czech Republic in Greenland. Apart from a general presentation and exchange of information, the arrangement strengthened the knowledge about the Czech Republic and developed mutual contacts in trade, tourism and culture. Furthermore, commercial contacts were made, particularly within the infrastructure and mining. The Czech Days in Greenland confirmed the Czech companies’ interest in cooperation with Greenlandic partners, in developing commercial and cultural contacts, and in intensifying the relations between political representatives and specialists both in Greenland and in the Czech Republic.

Greenland business meeting
A business meeting