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Arrangement in Copenhagen in Connection with the Official EU Presidency Hand-over to Sweden

The official EU Presidency hand-over from the Czech Republic to Sweden (SE PRES) took place in the Europe House in Copenhagen on 7 July.

The Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka (left) and The Swedish Ambassador Lars Grundberg

The Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen realized this event in cooperation with the European Commission Representation and with the Information Office of the European Parliament in Copenhagen. The Head of the EU Representation, Jan Høst Schmidt, in his official opening speech expressed thanks to the outgoing CZ PRES for a very good cooperation. The Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka then wished his successor in the EU Presidency function, the Swedish Ambassador Lars Grundberg, all the best and gave him a symbolic cask of Czech beer, a bottle of slivovitz from the Wallachian Kingdom and a Firs Aid Kit with an amulet in the form of an elk that loves the European Union.

Hand-over of the Presidency with a symbolic bottle of slivovitz from the Wallachian Kingdom

A cask of Czech beer

The First Aid Kit with an elk that loves the European Union

The Swedish Ambassador reciprocally gave the representative of the outgoing Presidency country a dessert box with chocolates “Aladdin”, wishing him a favourable spirit radiating from each eaten peace of chocolate, as if it was the spirit from the famous bottle. Then, he presented the main priorities of the SE PRES, i. e. tackling the economic crisis and ecological themes, especially COP 15 preparations for December 2009 in Copenhagen. The official hand-over was followed up by a reception with Swedish delicacies and Czech wine which in honour of the outgoing CZ PRES was offered by the Swedish Embassy as a nice surprise.

The reception

The guests at the reception