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Copenhagen International Literature Festival CPH:LITT 2012

The 5th Copenhagen International Literature Festival CPH:LITT 2012 took place 7-12 May 2012. The two Czech authors Ivan Klíma and Jaroslav Rudiš both accepted the invitation.

Also this year the festival CPH:LITT prepared a rich programme for literature lovers. During six days the festival audience could see on the stage several Danish and world famous authors who came to Copenhagen not only to introduce their work but also to discuss together the status of literature in the present world and the role of authors in society.

This anniversary year was launched in an untraditional way by screening the Czech animated movie Alois Nebel. Jaroslav Rudiš – the author of its original cartoon work and one of the most outstanding current Czech writers, introduced the film in Bremen Theater. After the screening, Ulf Peter Hallberg – Swedish author living in Berlin – invited Jaroslav Rudiš on the stage. Besides talking about the movie the writers also touched other topics such as love to the railways and the trains, atmosphere in the Czech-German border area and living in the German metropolis.

Ulf Peter Hallberg interviews Jaroslav Rudiš after the screening.

On Wednesday 9 May CPH:LITT joined the celebrations of Europe Day and under the name European Masters arranged an evening in Skuespilhuset devoted to European literature. The main guests of the programme were Ivan Klíma and the Swedish author Per O. Enquist.

CPH LITT Klíma a Per
Ivan Klíma (on the right) together with the Swedish author Per O. Enquist

Ivan Klíma

The Czech Embassy used the opportunity of having Ivan Klíma visiting in Copenhagen and on Thursday 10 May arranged a meeting with Czechs living in Denmark and Ivan Klíma at the Embassy Residence.