Embassy of the Czech Republic in Dublin

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The Structure of the Embassy

The Embassy is formally divided into three sections: the political, cultural and press section, the consular and economic section, and administration and finance section. A list of individual employees:

Head of Mission:
Mrs. Hana Mottlova

Political, Economic, Consular, Cultural, Press Agenda:
Mr. Petr Kubera, Second Secretary & Deputy Head of Mission

Consular and Economic Section:
Mrs. Jitka Zambochova, Consular Officer
Mrs. Lucie Hejl, Consular Officer
Ms. Jana Belickova, Consular and Economic Assistant

Administration and Finance:
Mr. Karol Keckes, Chief Administration Officer
Mrs. Gabriela Keckesova, Head of Ambassador's Office
Mr. Peter Foster, Diplomatic Assistant
Mr. Jakub Havranek, Technical Officer

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