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Eva Kotatkova and Dominik Lang exhibition in Dublin's Project Arts Centre

"Wasteland" was a commissioned exhibition by young Czech artists Eva Kotatkova and Dominik Lang disaplayed at the Temple Bar Project Arts Centre during March and April 2014.

Eva Kotatkova and Dominik Lang are both fascinated by the institutional characteristics of the pervasive systems that shape and determine our lives. At Project Arts Centre, the two Czech artists were collaborating for the first time on Wasteland, a new work transformed the gallery into a hypothetical place: a model or a testing chamber; an exaggerated or elongated study of the forms, systems, rules and restrictions which define the institutions that surround us. This place they were building suggested at once a storage yard, a ghost estate, a repository of ideas and methodologies that have passed, but whose remains prompt us towards an inner logic that reveals - or obscures - their purpose. Wasteland was filled with 'humble objects' (Lang), 'institutional rules' (Kotatkova), structures, scaffolding, geometric forms, phantoms, imagined items and salvaged things. These created a vocabulary of forms that might remain after an object has been modified or taken apart, or after an institution has been wound down - abandoned forms that remain without anyone to witness them or to respond, but which recreate the daily illusion of order through institutional rules.

Eva Kotatkova's daily drawing practice involves cutting, collaging, splicing and marking. Her installations and sculptures are underpinned by similar processes, where objects and subject matter are found, fabricated, captured or suggested, stimulated by the practices and accumulated evidence from institutions of psychiatry, education and indeed theatre, and infused with the psychological and physical effects of restraint, moulding and manipulation.  Kotatkova is constantly exploring the body through gesture, language (and its limitations) and architecture.

Dominik Lang has located many of his previous works in the architecture, infrastructure or politics of the artworld as social institution. The alteration or 'correction' of aspects of architecture (the level of the floor, positioning of a staircase or function of certain museum rooms) are areas he has sought to adjust. From the troves of Czech history of art to the overflowing shelves of his family home, the life and exploration of historical objects repeatedly surface throughout his practice, and the way in which these histories are accessed, understood, and abstracted are an enduring field of interest.


From left to right: Tessa Giblin (Project Arts Centre), Dominik Lang, Eva Kotatkova







Both artists with Czech Ambassador Hana Mottlova and her husband John McCollum