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New Hope for HIV/AIDS Patients

(This article expired 04.12.2013.)

Scientists from the Technical University of Liberec in the Czech Republic have developed an effective method capable of killing whatever bacteria or virus including HIV.

The bacteria and virus killer is a special resistant polymer layer which contains silver cations which when in solution form can be applied on any surface. Any bacteria or virus coming into contact with the resistant layer will be liquidated. The resistant layer called the nano fibre layer is very thin with a thickness between 150 and 300 nanometres, and very difficult to wipe off the applied surface.

The development comes at a time when current antibiotics are either less effective or completely ineffective on a number of bacteria. This new discovery thus has a potential to save thousands of lives throughout the world. At the present moment the technology is being tested by independent scientists in various hospitals. The Technical University of Liberec intends to spread the patent of the new product and make a big difference in the field of medicine where lives will be saved.

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