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Small Local Projects in 2013

In 2013 the Czech Republic sponsored five small scale development projects in Zimbabwe and Zambia, which primarily focused on the educational and health sectors.

These are complimented by bigger development projects in Zambia which are coordinated by the Czech Development Agency, and are more demanding financially and in scope. In addition, humanitarian assistance and development scholarships are given to both countries.


Construction of nurse home and waiting rooms at Sebakwe Rural Clinic
The project resulted in the construction of a three-roomed house for the nurse in charge and a waiting mother’s shelter with two rooms in Sebakwe. The nurse’s house will help retaining qualified health workers and attracting more competent personnel, since before the house was constructed the nurse in charge used to sleep in a hall within the clinic which was not conducive to best health practices. The fact that expectant mothers have a place to rest before giving birth will prevent roadside births or births in homes which can reduce the infant mortality rate in the area.

The printing and distribution of Ndebele folk tales and their distribution in the provinces of Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South.
Among all the projects sponsored through the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Harare this one was the one with the widest coverage in Zimbabwe. This was the second part of Ndebele Folk tales compiled by the well known Ndebele author Pathisa Nyathi and involved the printing and distribution of 5000 books throughout the Matabeleland provinces. One hundred identified schools benefitted from the books in the two provinces. The distribution to the schools was done free of charge. The situation in Zimbabwe has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few years and this decay in Zimbabwe is best seen in schools in Matabeleland provinces, so this effort by the Czech Republic in printing and distributing books to primary school children in their mother language will go a long way in encouraging a reading culture among the Ndebele youths.


Developing infrastructure of facilities for orphans and vulnerable children in Mongu District
The main outcome of the project was the establishment of a new orphanage facility in Katongo Village community. The project is designed with the aim of addressing the vast number of orphans in Mongu and the surrounding communities. The place is now always full of people looking for places for orphans but unfortunately the number of inquiries is more than the available places. The Czech Republic is well received in these parts of Zambia having been an active donor for years.

Upgrade Malambu School with Library and Computer facilities
The Project Implementer from the Netherlands has assisted people in this part of Southern Zambia for a couple of years now by building a clinic and a workshop for abused women. The Czech Republic intervened by sponsoring the electrification of Malambu School and teachers’ houses. This is expected to improve the pass rate at the school since pupils can now study after normal working hours due to the availability of electricity. Members of staff have now got electricity in their homes which will help in boosting staff morale and assist in retaining good teachers. The immediate positive impact of the project can be seen by the increase in the number of pupils asking for places at the school.

School Latrines Project Isambai
The Isambai community is literally found in the middle of nowhere where getting there even using a four wheel vehicle is a big challenge. The only donor which has come to the rescue of this forgotten part of Western Zambia is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic through the Embassy in Harare sponsored the building of toilets in the school. The number of pupils and staff suffering from diseases caused by lack of hygiene has gone down thanks to the intervention by the Czech Republic. Parents from far away villages are enrolling their children at Isambai because of the availability of the toilets. The headmaster and his teachers are now proud of their school because of this intervention by the Czech Republic.