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Small Development Projects Supported in 2011

Assisted by the Czech Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, eight Small Local Projects were successfully completed in 2011 in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Czech Republic is a longtime supporter of developmental activities pursued in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Apart from some longer-term and more comprehensive developmental projects coordinated in Zambia by the Czech Development Agency, the Czech Republic provides regular subsidies for also what is known as Small Local Projects. Assisted by the Czech Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, eight such projects were successfully completed in 2011 - four in Zambia and four in Zimbabwe.


Njovu, a Czech NGO, Introduced the "Baker" Apprenticeship Program to Zambia

The Zambian branch office of Njovu, a Brno-based non-profit non-governmental organization (NNO), implemented an interesting method of educating children in the Chibombo community. Thanks to aid received under foreign developmental cooperation, the NGO was able to include among its activities bakery apprenticeship for socially endangered children. Despite the ever-increasing demand for bakery products in Zambia, this major was officially registered only after Njovu had undertaken the initiative. The course participants will not only learn to produce goods, but will also prepare for the life of self-employed tradesmen.  The Vocational Certificate obtained in the course is popular with both the primary school leavers and the secondary school graduates. 

Accommodation for Teachers in Mpanshya

The Czech Republic continued its help in building a missionary school in Mpanshya. In 2011 the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo completed a project aimed to build accommodation for teachers, and in doing so, they substantially improved the staff quarters of the school and increased the number of pupils enrolled in first forms. Some pupils of the Mpanshya school enjoy long-term financial assistance provided by Czech citizens through the "Cross-Border Adoption" project organized by the Prague-based Archdiocesan Charity.

Helth-Post in the Chompa Community

Another Small Local Project in 2011 was aimed at finishing the first stage of construction of a health-post in the Chompa community. Support given to the project is supposed to make healthcare more readily available in this isolated community. The facility is expected to become fully operational in 2012.

Clean Water and Toilets for Pupils in Mukonchi

Since last year over 200 children attending kindergarten and primary school in the Mukonchi Mission compound have been able to enjoy safe water and improved hygiene. A Small Local Project gave the community a source of quality water together with a reservoir and a distribution system. The water will also supply new toilets and showers to be used by pupils and by several permanent dwellers of the Mission. The project is not only expected to enhance the children’s health, it should also have an educational spill-over, as the Mission teachers will strive to develop in the children proper lifestyle habits and encourage them to introduce those to their families. Tens of children of the Mukonchi Mission participate at the Cross-Border Adoption project organized by the Prague Archdiocesan Charity.


"Czech Ambulance" Continues Fighting HIV/AIDS in Gweru

Efforts of GWAPA, an organization long-term cooperating with the Czech non-governmental & non-profit organization of Pleasure without Risk, are driven by the fact that Zimbabwe belongs among countries heavily stricken by HIV/AIDS. In 2004 Zimbabwe received from the Czech Republic so-called "Czech Ambulance" - a mobile health-care station providing tests, counseling and treatment. The name has gradually become a synonym for combating HIV/AIDS throughout the entire Midlands Province. The ambulance has been successfully kept in operation thanks to the support of the local administration which provides for driver’s wages - moreover, the GWAPA's activities have come to be appreciated by a number of major private companies operating in the Midlands Province, whose valuable workforce falls victim to HIV/AIDS. The companies have been enlisted as new GWAPA sponsors and have access to the Czech Ambulance and to the educational and preventive activities for their employees.

Making bags, HIV/AIDS Patients are now Able to Stand on their Own

Support coming from the Czech Republic helped a group of HIV/AIDS patients gathered in the Utano Trust Foundation to enter the Zimbabwean market with their "Zee bag", a carryall they make from recycled packing materials. Good craftsmanship, attractive design and added logo found the Zee bag immediately a good number of buyers. The socially excluded people have thus turned, almost over night, into entrepreneurs capable of earning their living.

Water for Nkayi

The year of 2011 saw successful completion of a construction project aimed to build a kindergarten and a water-bearing borehole in the village of Nkayi. Widely accepted by the local community, the project was joined by the villagers who willingly participated in performing the jobs and contributed their limited resources to purchase construction materials. Included in the project was also a new source of water now operated to feed water to the kindergarten building as well as the wider community. The project has been financially supported by Diocesan Charity based in Brno.

New Classrooms for the Somgolo School

Until recently the higher-class pupils of the Somgolo School were learning in makeshift classrooms quite unsuitable for their purpose, not mentioning the danger this structure represented due to damage caused by termites. In 2010 and 2011 the school compound was given a new building with two classrooms and the director's office, now fully furnished, with blackboards and a stock of books. Since the new school year began, the premises have been fully available to the pupils.