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Small Development Projects Supported in 2012

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic assisted in the successful implementation of seven Small Local Projects in 2012 in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The Czech Republic is a longtime sponsor of developmental activities pursued in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Apart from some longer-term and more comprehensive developmental projects coordinated in Zambia by the Czech Development Agency, the Czech Republic also provides regular sponsorship for what are known as Small Local Projects. The year 2012 is the first time that such a project was implemented also in neighbouring Mozambique. Through the assistance of  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, seven such projects were successfully completed in 2012 - four in Zambia, two in Zimbabwe and one in Mozambique.


Njovu, a Czech-Zambian NGO, Built a Youth Centre in Chibolya

The Zambian branch office of a Czech NGO Njovu has since long been present in Chibolya, one of the poorest areas in Lusaka where crime and disease is rampant. Njovu concluded that one of the reasons of the unsatisfactory safety situation of Chibolya is a shortage of activities for the youths during their free time. Njovu therefore decided to offer them such activities under the roof of a newly built centre completed in 2012. The youths will be counseled at the centre in addition to training in wood carving and jewellery production.

Construction of Multi-functional Educational Centre at Likumbi

The Diocese of Kabwe is a long term partner of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Harare engaged, among others, in so-called “Cross-Border Adoption” scheme organized by the Prague-based Archdiocesan Charity. Thanks to this assistance, the disadvantaged pupils from Mukonchi Mission enjoy long-term financial assistance in school fees provided by Czech citizens. This year’s development project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic was moved to the village of Likumbi, where a new Multi-functional Educational Centre was constructed. The centre will provide ground for educational activities targeted at children and young people from Likumbi and neighbouring villages. Many of the local children lag behind their urban-based peers and the closing of this knowledge gap is thus the main aim of this facility. The Diocese of Kabwe will continue the project and establish a library in its premises.

Construction of a Staff House for the Health Post at Chompa

After having a Health Post established in 2011 through the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the problem of its staff accommodation was addressed in 2012. Previously, the qualified health-care personnel had to travel long distances to and from the Health Post to render their services to the Chompa community, which impacted negatively on the quality of the services and, consequently, on the satisfaction on the patients. The services of the Chompa health-post are thus readily available at all times for the entire community.

School Water Pumps Project in Mongu

Two community elementary schools in the Kashembe area of the Western province are attended by more than 700 pupils. With the support of the Czech development cooperation, they now have an access to a safe water source. Two wells were constructed, furnished with hand pumps and handed over to Lourdes Community School and Kashembe Community School by YWCA Mongu. The prevalence of water borne diseases is expected to drop among the pupils and fourteen teachers giving them more time to concentrate on school work.


Borehole Rehabilitation at GWAPA farm in Gweru

GWAPA,an organization working with HIV-positive women, has been associated with the Czech Republic since 2004, since the Czech NGO “Rozkoš bez rizika” donated an ambulance car to the organization. The “Czech Ambulance” with its bright colours has become the symbol of anti-HIV/AIDS campaign throughout the Midlands Province. After supporting technical maintenance and other costs of the “Czech Ambulance” in 2011, the Czech Republic helped to rehabilitate the boreholes and water piping system at GWAPA farm located at the outskirts of Gweru, the capital of the Midlands Province. The inhabitants of the farm engage in commercial gardening and chicken rearing in order to be financially self-sustainable.

Promoting sustainable livelihoods and conservation through beekeeping at Sebakwe, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe

Sebakwe is a rural settlement located forty kilometers eastwards of Kwekwe in the Midlands Province. It borders the Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy where protected wildlife is kept including the endangered black rhino. Due to poverty, the farming community has long been in conflict with the conservancy, due to poaching, deforestation and wild fires. The Czech Republic assisted the Sebakwe Conservation and Education Centre to address this issue by empowering the local community to engage in sustainable livelihoods. Beekeeping and honey harvesting was identified as the most promising strategy for that goal since it simultaneously addresses numerous challenges. Sales of honey represent an alternative to charcoal production and other activities undermining the conservancy efforts. Since veldfires represent the same risk to wild life and bees, its prevalence is also expected to drop. Last but not least, the Sebakwe Conservation and Education Centre hopes to further strengthen its ties to the local community through the creation of new economic opportunities.


Construction of a Health Post in Nhanfunde in Barue District, Manica Province

A new health-care facility has been established at a private commercial farm Moz-Agri. The limited access of rural communities of Barue District to health facilities aggravates the process of many basic diseases. The district authorities thus approved and welcomed the establishment of such a public facility in Nhanfunde supported by the Czech Development Assistance. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Harare followed the development of the project with great interest since this was the first time a Small Local Project was implemented in the Portuguese speaking Mozambique.

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