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Historical Overview

Basic historical outline followed by more detailed descriptions of individual periods of Czech history - the Great Moravian Empire (9th century), the Premyslid Dynasty (9th century - 1306), the Luxembourg Dynasty (1310 - 1437), the Hussite Revolution (1419 - 1436), the Jagellon Dynasty (1471 - 1526), the Habsburg Dynasty (1526 - 1918), the foundation of the modern Czech nation and Independent state (from 1918).

Basic Historical Outline

  • End of the 5th and beginning of the 6th century - arrival of Slavs in present-day Moravia and Slovakia
  • Second half of the 9th century - arrival of Christian missionaries
  • 9th century - 1306 a gradual strengthening of the Czech state during the reign of the Premyslid dynasty
  • 1346-1378 - the peak in the prestige and power of the kingdom of Bohemia during the reign of Charles IV
  • Beginning of the 15th century - a crisis of state leads to the Hussite movement
  • 1526 - the Habsburg dynasty succeeds to the throne of Bohemia - the formation of a multi-national empire
  • 1620 - the defeat of the Bohemian Estates at the Battle of White Mountain, continued centralization of the Habsburg Empire
  • 28th October 1918 - foundation of an independent state of Czechs and Slovaks
  • 15th March 1939 - 9th May 1945 - German occupation
  • February 1948 - Communist takeover
  • August 1968 - Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact countries brings an end to the "Prague Spring" and the Communist Party's attempt to build "Socialism with a human face"
  • November 1989 - fall of the Communist regime
  • 1st January 1993 Czech Republic founded after the split of Czechoslovakia
  • 1994 OECD
  • 1999 NATO
  • 2004 EU

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