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Bohemia is a society promoting Czech, Moravian and Slovakian culture in Finland, which gathers Czech compatriots with Finns interested in Czech language and culture. The Bohemia society was established in 1993 and nowadays has around 150 members. The majority is created by Finns, some of them can speak or read Czech, others simply like the Czech Republic or Slovakia. The meetings of the group are therefore held in Finnish, as well the magazine Bohemia is issued only in Finnish.

The quarterly Bohemia is published since 1994 with the financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and it is available online. The aim of Bohemia is to inform about their activities and to promote news about the Czech Republic. The society also organizes cultural events and regular meetings are held every month at the Vltava restaurant in Helsinki downtown.


President: Sampo Saari

Porttikuja 4 A 73, 00940 Helsinki

Phone/fax: +358 (0)415 405 170

Email: finbohemia@gmail.com