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The CzechTrade agency is an official contact partner for those foreign companies looking for qualified Czech-based suppliers of products, providers of services or investors. Since spring 2011 CzechTrade´s foreign office in Stockholm seeks opportunities for Czech exporters also in the Finnish market.

The Czech Trade Promotion Agency/CzechTrade was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in May 1997. The main objective is to promote the internationalization of Czech companies by facilitating their cooperation links with foreign enterpreneurs.Agency's Headoffice is located in Prague. It operates 33 foreign offices in 37 countries worldwide. The network of the CzechTrade´s foreign offices provides practical assistance to Czech exporters abroad, and represents unique contribution to the promotion of the Czech exports.

Director for Finland and Sweden

Vítězslav Blažek

Post address:
Czech Trade Stockholm
Embassy of the Czech Republic
Box   26156
10041  Stockholm

Visiting address:
Czech Trade Stockholm
Embassy of the Czech Republic
Villagatan  21
114 32 Stockholm

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Phone: +46 8 236 710
Phone: +46 8 236 712
GSM: +46 707 640 353