Embassy of the Czech Republic                                                                    in Helsinki

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Office of the President www.hrad.cz

Office of the Government www.vlada.cz

Senate - Upper House of the Parliament www.senat.cz

Chamber of Deputies - Lower House of the Parliament www.psp.cz

Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mzv.cz

Ministry of Industry and Trade www.mpo.cz

Ministry of Finance www.mfcr.cz

Ministry of Agriculture www.mze.cz

Ministry for Regional Development www.mmr.cz

Ministry of Transport and Communications www.mdcr.cz

Ministry of the Environment www.env.cz

Ministry of Health www.mzcr.cz

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs www.mpsv.cz

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports www.msmt.cz

Ministry of Justice www.justice.cz

Ministry of Defense www.army.cz

Ministry of the Interior www.mvcr.cz