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"Clownwise" film in Finnish Cinemas

Clownwise film had its premiere in Finnish cinemas on 9 May 2014. It is a new film by Viktor Tauš made in co-production of the Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia and Luxemburg according to the script of Petr Jarchovský.

The film tells a story about a clown group Busters created by Oskar, Max and Viktor at the beginning of their career. Their performances brought a sparklet of freedom into the greyness of totality. However, the group broke up and the paths diverged; the reason why comes out only 30 years later, that is after seeing two hours´ film Clownwise. In addition to the clown duo Oldřich Kaiser - Jiří Lábus we can see French actor Didier Flamand. A partner of Jiří Lábus is played by Finnish actress Kati Outinen.

Film trailer.