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Mole helps sick children

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Finland handed over 50 small Moles as a sponsor gift for small patients in Finnish hospitals. Toys were kindly provided by Moravská ústředna Brno company and taken over by Mikko Möltsi who has became a volunteer “emissary” of Mole in Finnish clinics. The gift was handed over by the Czech Ambassador and the attaché of the Embassy, Mgr. Nora Boháčová who coordinated the project.

Mr. Möltsi has been for many years visiting hospitals in Helsinki bringing Moles, bought from his own savings, to small patients. His initiative is highly appreciated by doctors and nursing staff as well as by the parents of small patients. Mole helps to forget the pain and makes the endlessly long days in hospital bed more pleasant. After the Embassy and the company Moravská ústředna Brno where Moles are born, learned about this gratuitous activity, they decided to support Mr. Möltsi.

Mr. Möltsi has chosen out of the animation heroes just the Mole by Zdeněk Miler as a special messenger of health who gives joy and comfort to sick children. “The good will of Mole in the middle of this busy world is especially important. It is a friendly, helpful, curious and inventive character,” Mr. Möltsi explains how the Czech hero can address Finnish children. “In the animations of Miler’s Mole there is practically always a small lesson which is still nowadays good to learn. Besides that Mole in contrast with many children’s toys in these days is not violent.” Thus the Czech Mole has made already many children smile in Helsinki hospitals and he intends to go to other Finnish cities as well.

Mole in Finland

Miler’s Mole belongs to the most popular animated heroes in Finland, he absolutely defeats Disney’s figures and perhaps only the Finnish Moomin can reach the same popularity. Several generations have already grown enjoying Mole stories, films and books for decades. Mole illustrations decorate even Finnish trains.

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