Advisory & Consulting

Czech Service International

Coordinating Partner
Mgr. Milan Hradický
Phone: +420 241 742 790
Mobile: +420 777 323 322

The CZECH SERVICE INTERNATIONAL (CSI) is a comprehensive solution for Czech companies expanding abroad and for foreign companies expanding into the Czech Republic. In both cases, these expansions can bear fruit only when properly timed and stepped, requiring an in-depth knowledge not only of local laws and tax regimes, but also of local customs and connections.
The CZECH SERVICE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of services necessary for establishing a business in the Czech Republic:
1. mergers and acquisition advisory for finding the suitable domestic target which should help you to quickly retain market share of production;
2. law services for secure and effective business entry and continuous operations on healthy foundations;
3. insurance services for avoiding unnecessary risks in the new territory;
4. audit, accounting and tax advisory services for the preparation and understanding of figures, third-party verification and minimizing the tax burden;
5. advertising services for building awareness of your products and your trademark.

All services offered are of the highest quality as their providers - members of CSI - are experienced Czech companies belonging to well-known international networks specialising in particular fields.

CSI is therefore a one-stop shop for all the services needed for business entry into the Czech Republic, saving costs and reducing unnecessary interference by consultants and service providers when hiring them individually. While the offer of CSI is quite complex, the services can also be used separately if required.

Companies Online

U Habrovky 247/11
140 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+420) 226 091 131
Fax: (+420) 226 091 125
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Bultas, Ms. Renata Skopkova

Companies Online is the largest ready-made company provider in the Czech Republic. It will help you acquire a limited liability company for the purposes of purchasing real estate and operating businesses in the Czech Republic. The company takes care of all the administrative procedures with the local authorities, offers set fees and free consultations.

Services also include:


Na Prikope 15
110 00 Praha 2
Phone: (+420) 272 143 143
Fax: (+420) 272 143 516
Contact person: Mr. Martin Benik, Marketing & Sales Manager is the Czech Republic's first on-line company formations service and specializes in providing limited liability companies (s.r.o.) for foreigners for the purposes of purchasing real estate and operating businesses in the Czech Republic. The company is a part of the Ceres Group which encompasses a one stop shop of services tailored to expatriates.

For company presentation please click on the following link:

Chamr & Partners, s.r.o.

Phone.: (+420) 603 235 810, (+420) 603 504 850
Fax: (+420) 413 683-1235
Contact person: Mr. Martin Chamr, Mr. Radek Dokovic

Chamr & Partners offers complete services in terms of establishment and registration of a new company both in the Czech Republic and abroad (in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia etc.). The company provides assistance throughout all steps of incorporation and later in course of your business (it helps find new business partners, provides tax advisory, bookkeeping etc.). It also offers a wide choice of ready-made companies.

Services and pricing: - Shelf (ready-made) limited company 45,000 CZK
- Registration address in Prague: from 1,200 CZK per month
- New limited company formation from 1,000 USD

Languages spoken are: English, Italian and German.

International Consultants Group

Phone: (+1) 866-298-8169
Fax: (+1) 828 659-7857
Contact person: Mr. Stewart E. Neiman

International Consultants Group specializes in helping American companies who want to open an office in the Czech Republic. It helps companies get their business licenses, find offices, hire people, establish banking relationships, and expedite all the necessary official paperwork.

Miroslav Kocman, LLM

Registered Tax Adviser
Gorkeho 61/11
602 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 541.642.268
Contact person: Mr. Miroslav Kocman

Foreign Assignment Solutions Network provides assistance to U.S. firms and individuals wishing to establish/maintain business in the Czech Republic (Czech visa & work permit; tax-related issues, social security and health insurance issues; legal advisory (setting up a company, property transfers; accounting advisory).

Ing. Stepan Simik

Vysoka 1088
763 02 Zlin 4
Phone: (+420) 577 103 647
Fax: (+420) 577 103 632
Contact person: Mr. Stepan Simik

Mr. Simik provides expert opinions, as well as trade, marketing, and cooperation studies to U.S. businesses, who plan to export their products into the Czech Republic.

RNR Solutions

Vaclavske namesti 66
110 00 Prague 1
Phone: (+420) 296 348 607
Fax: (+420) 222 211 327
Contact person: Mr. Rastislav Koromhaz, Director of Marketing

RNR is a Czech Business Consultancy Company specialising in providing key services to those businesses wishing to establish a presence in the Czech Republic, either by their own Branch Office or Local Company, or by a Joint Venture / Partnership with a Czech Company or individual.

VETOS s.r.o.

B. Nemcove 868
399 01 Milevsko
Phone: (+420) 368 521 396
Contact Person: Mr. Vaclav Malek

Vetos is a consulting company that offers to help you execute your business plans and find your business partners in the Czech Republic.

KAP Ltd.

Trojska 92
171 00 Praha 7
Phone: (+420) 283 090 611
Fax: (+420) 283 090 658
Contact person: Vladimir Brenner, International Project Development

KAP is an environmental consulting and engineering company based in the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic providing services to the protection and preservation of the environment. The development strategy of KAP is flexible responding to the needs of our domestic and international clients by addressing their environmental liabilities and solving their environmental problems. This approach is reflected in the many projects successfully managed and implemented by KAP in the Czech Republic and abroad.



MP Gemini, s.r.o.
Pod Parukarkou 12
130 00 Praha 3
Phone/Fax: (+420) 257 961 114
Phone/Fax: (+420) 269 71 969
Contact person: Marika Martinkova

MP Gemini presents service called CZECH SUPPORT, which provides professional support for the creation of healthy business and improvement of the economic performance of newly established enterprises, as well as assistance to the business operation of already existing enterprises engaged in the business in Czech Republic.

Czipin & Proudfoot Consulting, s.r.o.

Plzenska 113/155

150 00 Praha 5

Phone: (+420) 255 739 606

Fax: (+420) 255 739 806



Contact person: Ms. Eva Ctrnacta



Czipin & Proudfoot Consulting specializes in enhancement of processes to improve sales and productivity and elimination ineffective cost spending.


Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker, s.r.o.

Na Prikope 1

110 00 Praha 1

Phone: (+420) 234 603 603

Fax: (+420) 234 603 604



Contact person: Mr. Ferdinand Hlobil

Company provides sales and acquisition, retail agency & shopping center consultancy, business space agency, office agency, industrial agency, development consultancies and appraisals, research, valuation, and property management.


CoLin, s.r.o.


Freyova 12

190 00 Praha 9

Phone: (+420) 603 463 906

Fax: (+420) 283 109 011



Contact person: Ms. Jana Kuliskova




CoLin provides strategic communication services, public relations advisory, and market research.

Develor Training & Consulting

U vetrolamu 44

184 00 Praha 8

Phone: (+420) 603 558 580

Fax: (+420) 284 684 960



Contact person: Mr. David Fojtik




Develor Training & Consulting is a subsidiary of DEVELOR GROUP, the leading provider of training solutions in the Central Europe. The company provides tailor-made training programs in individual countries or across the whole region.

LINK Consulting

Stepanska 45

110 00 Praha 1

Phone: (+420) 225 341 221

Fax: (+420) 225 341 320



Contact person: Mr. Ray Gibson, Managing Director




LINK Consulting specializes in HR consulting, soft skills training and recruitment.

Steinbauer, Bedrich (consultant)



Phone: (+420) 603 805 842


Contact person: Mr. Bedrich Steinbauer



Mr. Steinbauer provides consulting services (marketing, advertising and new business development) for US companies which plan to start doing business in the Czech Republic. Languages spoken: German, English and Spanish.


Velke namesti 135/19
500 03 Hradec Kralove
Phone: (+420) 606 847 344
Contact person: Brian Bolger



Czech Export Consult provides help to foreign companies who plan to enter the Czech market (initial market research and planning, interactive sales, legal services, accounting, virtual office, web site design etc.) I also offers supply sourcing from the Czech Republic, outsourcing, offshoring and call center solutions.

Europe Partner Consulting – Consortium

Biskupsky dvur 8
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 221 729 290, 606 738 574
Contact person: Mr. Ivan Kotek

Europe Partner Consulting specializes in search for business partners at technological parks. The firm wants to offer its services to U.S. customers.

SALORA CZ, s.r.o

K dalnici 46
635 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 541 233 662
Fax: (+420) 541 233 662
Cell: (+420) 603 546 821
Contact person: Ing. Vaclav Sabol

Salora CZ provides high quality services related to trade fairs and trade missions. The company would like to offer its services to U.S. customers.

Chamr & Partners s.r.o.

Tyrsova 1834/11
120 00 Praha 2, Nove Město
Phone: (+420) 222 512 415
Cell: (+420) 603 235 810
Fax: (+420) 597 464 352
Contact person: Mr. Martin Chamr

Chamr & Partners s.r.o. provides you complete service of the establishment and registration of your company both in the Czech Republic and obroad /Slovakia, Poland etc./. The company will find you new business partners, tax advise, bookkeeper and other sevices.

Parvenu s.r.o.

Borivojova 13
130 00 Praha 3
Cell: (+420) 608 563 986

We provide professional and cost effective services for non Czechs starting,owning and operating a business in the Czech Republic.With
support in areas such as, drafting of contracts in Czech law, changes in company details and legal representation before courts and authorities.
We also provide a full range of Visa services for the Czech Republic.



Stepanska 24
110 00 Praha 1
Phone/Fax: (+420) 222 231 922




PREMIER BUSINESS s.r.o. is a consulting firm, complex services in the area of establishing companies/business representation,services in the area of commercial real-estates, tax optimization/service, juridical services, economic consultancy and financial management, virtual office, foreign business and others. The services are provided for clients in all the world countries.


Bredovský dvur – Olivova 4
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 226 219 000,
Fax: (+420) 226 219 111
Contact person: Darina Noviková – Business Development Manager

TACOMA provides a comprehensive range of professional consultancy services to medium and
large-sized firms, including multinationals, in the following areas:

· mergers and acquisitions
· corporate finance
· tax consultancy
· business and asset valuations
· investment consultancy
· auditing
· accounting and payroll consultancy
· sale of ready-made companies
· legal services provided in cooperation with our partner law firm

TACOMA is an effective business partner.
TACOMA provides one-stop integrated solutions delivered by experienced teams of professionals.
TACOMA services can be arranged in Czech, English, German and French.

Filag s.r.o.

Za Mototechnou 1619
CZ - 155 00 Praha 5 - Stodulky
Phone: (+420) 251 551 524
Fax: (+420) 251 610 792

Filag s.r.o. is Consulting and Trading enterprise in Prague CZ.
Consulting in Europe and Russia. Trading and Production for Machines and special Parts wchich the Client needed.