Construction & Development

Prumyslove stavitelstvi Brno, a.s.

Cechynska 419/14a
602 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 543 422 840
Cell: (+420) 602 781 439
Fax: (+420) 543 254 367
Contact person: Ms. Marketa Vesela

Prumyslove stavitelstvi Brno provides complex services in the field of building industry (construction engineering, trade, logistics, consulting etc.). The company would like to assist U.S. companies planning to do business in the Czech Republic, Russia and Kazakhstan. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

CmXgraddo LLC

U Bulhara 3
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 577.210.994
Fax: (+420) 577.217.541
Contact person: Mr. Alexander Cach, President

CmXgraddo LLC
is a development company of European-American joint venture, local and international markets, and foreign investment. It is looking to offer its services to U.S. business partners.

URC Systems, spol. s.r.o.

Dykova 4
796 01 Prostejov
Phone: (+420) 508.337.255
Fax: (+420) 508.337.255
Contact person: Mr. Robert Prokop, Sales Director

offers development projection and construction of the GSM and other mobile >COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS< GSM R, EGSM etc., frequency management, projection of radio paths, LOS analysis, Point-multi point systems, BLOS analysis (HF band), service measurement of the radio signal coverage, searching for sources of interference/jamming etc., monitoring of radio traffic on chosen frequencies (simultaneous reception and AF signal recording on several frequencies), design and production of special rf devices (converters, input and power amplifiers), design and realization of special vehicles mounting (radio measurement vehicle, special measurement vehicles), development of customer user software (OS Windows NT/2000/98/95, QNX Photon, C++ and Visual C++ language, technological devices real time control, technological process control, communication, data and image transmission, databases.


Masarykovo nam. 193/20
Phone: (+420) 281 002 595
Cell: (+420) 602 717 210
Fax: (+420) 281 002 596
Contact person: Alice Touskova

Ltd. is a development company specialized in realization of business development on proper acres sold subsequently to clients bound to contract.INDES PRAGUE Ltd. wants to offer solid services for U.S. partners that plan on basing a business in the Czech Republic by executing the search, selection, reservation and preparation and development of capital projects upon request in areas of commercial construction until the point of single house inspection.


Horni nam. 5
772 00 Olomouc
Phone: (+420) 685 228 698, (+420) 685 228 592
Fax: (+420) 685 228 581
Contact Person: Frantisek Kastyl

RDA, as a member of EURADA (Association of Development Agencies attached to the European Commission) supports development of its region by helping foreign investors to expand and invest in the Czech Republic especially in Central Moravia. They offer services in many areas for prospective US investors (consultancy services, planning, advertising and other types of introductory services).


Marakova 12
160 00 Praha 6
Phone: (+420) 224 317 736
Contact person: Mr. Stanislav Spelda

iPlato is a results oriented consultancy and application developer specializing in mobile and wireless solutions for business. The company is seeking cooperation with U.S firms.

SIRIUS Praha Ltd.

Cernokostelecka 270
100 38 Praha 10
Areal LOM Malesice
Phone: (+420) 272 703 594
Fax: (+420) 272 703 794

Contact person: Mr. Karel Zdrazil
26242 Carrington Boulevard
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, USA
Phone: +1 (419) 874 9160
Cell: +1 (419) 973 7514
Contact person: Mr. Frank Suchan

SIRIUS Praha Ltd. - is looking for business partners, distributors or service partners in the field of sales and technical services for their line of punching and notching machines and devices.

SIRIUS Praha Ltd. is a company based in the Czech Republic, known for the development and production of tools, devices, machines and automatic production lines for punching and cutting of open or closed profiles and sheets. The company has been operating in the Czech market and also in the central and east European market for many years and has many satisfied customers. SIRIUS Praha is a regular participant at Czech and European fairs (Brno, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Poznan, Moscow etc.). They always strive for maximum customer satisfaction. That is why they do not offer just one specific machine or tool, but a solution which perfectly corresponds to customer’s requirements. Depending on customer needs we can supply systems from a manually operated cutter to a fully automatic punching machines. Besides the above stated option of the device for deformation-free punching we can also supply tubes with holes punched according to the customer's specification. For example shelving systems are typical products in this field.

Wikov Wind a.s.

Na Pankraci 1618/30
140 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+420) 234 633 322
Fax: (+420) 234 633 347

Company Wikov WInd specializes in the production of SPG wind turbines. The W200SPG wind turbine uses the most advanced gearbox technology. Highly efficient, responsive, cost effective and reliable conception with the system of variable transmission ration enables a continuous variation of the transmission ratio in accordance with the force of wind and the robot speed. Fixed speed of output shaft allows the synchronous generator to be used. Generator with voltage 6.3 to 11kV and direct connection to the grid prodece electric power in the unbeatable quality.