Event Organizers

Teris, a.s.

Stetkova 18
140 68 Praha 4
Tel: (+420) 261.223.873
Fax: (+420) 261.218.992
E-mail: dach@teris.cz
Contact person: Mr. Karel Dach

Teris, an organizer of marketing events such as conferences, trade shows, business meetings, offers its services to U.S. firms wishing to present themselves in the CR.


ProMoPro s.r.o.

Rubenska 1/215
190 00 Praha 9
Tel: (+420) 283 891 660
Fax: (+420) 283 892 757
E-mail: provoz@promopro.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jaroslav Vesely, Director

ProMoPro, provides equipment and services for congress meetings, conferences and exhibition activities. ProMoPro wishes to serve U.S. customers.

Czech – In, s.r.o.

Prague Congress Center

5. kvetna 65

140 21 Praha 4

Tel: (+420) 777 777 098, 777 791 166

Fax: (+420) 261 174 307

E-mail: alexandra.chroma@czech-in.cz, rita.juklova@czech-in.cz
Contact person: Ms. Alexandra Chroma, Ms. Rita Juklova

Czech-in will organize any kind of your company event, conference or congress in the Czech Republic.


CI5 Agency

Jenstejnska 2

120 00 Praha 2

Tel: (+420) 603 570 401

Fax: (+420) 326 981 446

E-mail: dfulinova@ci5.cz


Contact person: Ms. Dana Fulinova


CI5 Agency organizes different kinds of military-related events (celebrations, parades (also historical), ceremonial openings), specializes in cooperation with Czech army and Czechoslovak Society of Legions Members.

Pragokoncert Bohemia a. s.

Peckova 13

186 00 Prague 8

Tel: (+420) 724.105.390

E-mail: box1@iol.com


Contact person: Mr. Alexandr Cach, Chairman


Czech Art Agency (entertainment) is offering the program of events at your next visit to the Czech Republic.

BVV Trade Fairs Brno Co. (Veletrhy Brno)

is the leading trade shows organizer with the largest exhibition and convention venue in Central Europe. The comprehensive trade show program covers the major sectors in manufacturing and services in the Czech Republic and in the CE states, such as automotive, precision engineering, electrical and power engineering, machine tools, food and food-processing, construction and environmental technology, defense and security, wood-processing and furniture industry, IT and digital entertainment, sporting goods, fashion To U.S. companies, the trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to meet prospective customers, agents, suppliers & strategic alliance partners in the Czech and Slovak Republics and other states of Central Europe.
For more information visit www.bvv.cz.