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Basic Information


History of the DA

The Diplomatic Academy of the MFA was established in October 1997 as a result of an analysis of the educational requirements of Czech diplomatic staff and a comparative study of the foreign education systems for career diplomats. This resulted in a "Basic draft of the education system of Czech career diplomats". This project, prepared together with the Netherlands Institute of International Relations in Clingendael and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna was approved by the governing body of the MFA in December 1996. It was also supported by the European Commission Delegation. In 1997 and 1998 the establishment of the DA was financed through a PHARE contract together with the Finish Institute for the Civil Service. The financial support included the costs of the foreign and Czech experts, hardware and supplementation of the Institute of International Relations library. Since 1999 the DA is fully financed from the budget of the MFA. 1.1. 2007 the DA became a part of the MFA and the staff and participants of DA 1 are now employees of the MFA. The graduates of the DA receive a General Diplomatic Education Certificate, which is a qualification requirement for a diplomatic career and progress to higher diplomatic education required for the promotion to higher diplomatic positions.