Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

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Masaryk´s Apartment – Bedroom


The official apartment of Minister of Foreign Affairs, so-called Masaryk´s Apartment, was built by architect Pavel Janák in the 1930s while the Czernin Palace being reconstructed. It is called after Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Masaryk.


The first minister using the apartment was Kamil Krofta. In the World War II, the Czernin Palace was used as the Headquarter of the Reichsprotektor Office. In 1945, having returned from exile Jan Masaryk became an occupant of the apartment. Jan Masaryk perished in the apartment in the night on March 10, 1945, fortnight after the Communist putsch. After Masaryk´s demise the apartment was abandoned and converted into office rooms. The Masaryk´s apartment was reconstructed for representative purposes after the Velvet revolution in 1989.

A unique relic of original furniture of the Masaryk´s apartment survived in the bedroom. It is a radio Scott made in Chicago in 1932. A celestial globe made by astronomer Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr and engraver Johann Georg Puschner in Nuremberg in 1728 is worth mentioning too. The globe was brought to the Czernin Palace in 1949. A Late Renessaince painted wooden ceiling was made in the 17th century.


Ložnice Masarykova bytu / Masaryk´s Apartement – Bedroom