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PRT Logar projects (2008 – 2012)


(This article expired 01.12.2013.)

2012 is in fact the last year of fully functioning Czech PRT in Logar Province. It has implemented 40 reconstruction and development projects in 2012 and 140 during its whole existence.

The biggest and most succesful project is Construction of the Secondary Agricultural and Mechanical School in Pol-e Alam. Important and succesful projects are also constructions and supplies of milk collection centres, trainings and campaings for local farmers and veterinarians, smaller water management projects (reconstruction of karezes, retention walls, water pipelines), reconstructions and construction of basic infrastructure for provincial authorities and security forces. Significant volume of financial means has been spent even on reconstruction and supply of schools and hospitals.

PRT Logar is finishing its work now and it is going to be not later than in February when it will definitively close its office. There are only 4 civilian experts (responsible for development activities) operating in Logar at the moment.

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CZ PRT 2008-2012 35 kB xls (Excel document) Nov 30, 2012