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Project countries


Project countries (Georgia, Cambodia, Kosovo, the Palestinian Autonomous Territories, Serbia) are the next group of partners for the 2010-2017 period. While development cooperation with these countries is desirable, it cannot be based on bilateral cooperation programmes due to objective reasons.


Since 2000, Serbia has been undergoing the process of economic transition in order to recover from economic isolation and war. In March 2012, the official status of Serbia as an EU candidate… more ►


Cambodia continues to struggle with the impacts of the Pol Pot regime that had a devastating effect on the social and economic structure of the country. Cambodia belongs among the poorest… more ►


Georgia strives to overcome the collapse of the USSR and recover from the impacts of those events on its political and economic situation that were worsened by the effects of Russian military… more ►


Kosovo is one of the poorest countries of Europe. The historically unfavourable economic situation, where agriculture remains the cornerstone of economy, has been further worsened by political… more ►

Palestinian Autonomous Territories

The Palestinian Autonomous Territories are among the poorest countries of the Middle East, with their economic and social stability being of vital importance for the entire region. The Czech… more ►