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Czech Foreign Aid Platform

Increasing the volume and quality of the Czech foreign aid is an ongoing process. The Czech Republic regards continuous increase of information provided to the professional and general public to be an integral part of this process. In accordance with the principle of transparency, the foreign aid program is open to all representatives of the Czech foreign aid platform, those representing other departments and institutions on the national, regional and local level as well as the representatives of NGOs, business community, union organisations, academic community, mass media, religious organisations and others. The principle of transparency and openness of public debate has been respected ever since the inception of this concept for the support of the professional and general public is essential for the long-term successful implementation of this program.

Public Relations

The main aim of public relations is to increase the awareness of the Czech public and its sense of solidarity with under-developed countries. In Stage 1 this task of informing the public will be carried out by the Development Centre as part of the Czech MFA and in Stage 2 this will be a responsibility of the Development Agency. The public relations activities may include, for example, publishing its own newspaper or magazine, organising seminars, conferences, open day events, maintaining its own web site and so on.

Development Training and Education

Development training and education is a complementary part of the Czech foreign aid program. Coordination and implementation of research and education in the area of foreign aid will be the task of the Development Centre, which will be for this purpose able to use capacities of the IIR. In providing training and education, the Development Centre (later the Agency) should cooperate closely with university (e.g. use the experience of the Palacky University in Olomouc with organising the Summer School of Foreign Aid and Cooperation). Universities, apart from training experts in the area of foreign aid and development in specialised courses in 'Development Studies', should also present foreign aid as multi-disciplinary subject.