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Multilateral development cooperation of the Czech Republic


Czech Republic works with a number of international organisations that strive to reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development on a global scale. The country participates in activities of the UN, the European Union, OECD, international financial institutions and other intergovernmental organisations.

The ways in which the Czech Republic becomes involved in the activities of international organisations are varied: by the direct participation of Czech experts in specific development projects implemented by the various organisations; or via contributions focusing on specific activities that the organisation pursues in the developing world, with annual contributions towards the organisation’s budget being the basic method of participation. Besides compulsory contributions, which arise directly from the country’s membership in a given organisation, the Czech Republic annually provides voluntary funding to a number of organisations, while also supporting the involvement of Czech experts. The Czech Republic is also represented in the managing, executive and other bodies of various organisations, thus contributing towards defining their strategy and general action plans.

The financial volume of Czech ODA contributions to international organisations in 2012 is presented in table below:

  Volume (USD million) Multilateral ODA Ratio (%)
European Union 117,65 78,54 %
IMF and World Bank Group 21,48 14,34 %
UN programmes, funds and agencies 7,84 5,23 %
Regional development banks 1,30 0,87 %
Other organisations 1,53 1,02 %
TOTAL 149,80 100 %