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Implementation of human rights approach in combating trafficking in human beings in Bosnia and Hercegovina


La Strada Czech Republic, 2010

The project implementation began in February 2010 and lasted until the end of the year. It was supported by the Transition Promotion Program and run by La Strada Czech Republic.
The project aimed at promoting human rights approach to tackle the isme of human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the implementation of minimum standards for the promotion and protection of trafficked persons, arising from international documents.
The project was focused on the target group of employees and workers of nongovernmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are involved in the protection of human rights, especially the rights of trafficked persons.

The project realized the following activities and outputs:

  • Strategic Planning Training of NGOs, which was attended by a representative of NGOs dealing with human rights issues in the area of Mostar and its surroundings.
  • Analyzing the effects of preventing and combating trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina on human rights through the Human Rights Impact Assessment.
  • Study visit of two La Strada BiH memebers to Czech Republic during which they met representatives of non-governmental organizations and ministries and got an opportunity to exchange experience and information on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings in both of the countries.
  • Training focused on prejudices and stereotypes organized for Bosnian NGOs. The output of this activity is a training manual that was developed in cooperation between La Strada Czech Republic and Bosňan NGO Novi Put.
  • Media training for Bosnian NGOs focused on strategy and communication skills required in order to create a professional partnership between non-profit area and media.
  • Individual media plan of Mostar based organisation Novi Put.

Amount of financial support from MFA: 1 100 182,71Kč

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Training - prejudices









Training - prejudices