Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

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Supporting Civic Participation and Independent Journalism in Georgia by Sharing Czech Transformation Experience II, 2012


Support to the Active Citizenship and to the Youth Civic Participation, 2012

AGORA, Central Europe more ►

Youth Active Involvement in Community support of Civil Society Development, 2012

People in Need more ►

Georgia: Capacity building of the civil society in the field of women rights protection, 2012

ADRA more ►

Promotion of Civic Participation in Decision-Making Processes of the Local Self-Government in Batumi, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia , 2011

Caritas Czech Republic more ►

Support of Anti-corruption Activities in Georgia, 2011

Transparency International – Czech Republic more ►

Promotion of Civic Participation and Development of Local Self-Government Capacities in Samtskhe/Javakheti, 2011

Caritas Czech Republic more ►

Supporting civic participation and independent journalism in Georgia by sharing transformational experiences of Czech NGOs and media, 2011


Support of active citizenship and involvement of youth in public life in Georgia, 2011

AGORA Central Europe more ►

Fostering Transparency and Communication in Georgia, 2010

Agora Central Europe, 2010 more ►

Support of Anti-corruption Activities in Georgia

Transparency International – Czech Republic, 2010 more ►

Promotion of Civic Participation and Development of Local Self-Government Capacities in Samtskhe/Javakheti

Caritas Czech Republic, 2010 more ►

Support of Georgian NGOs´ Activities through Educational Programmes, Support of Local Authorities in New Villages for Refugees, Cooperation Expansit

Organisation for Aid to Refugees, 2010 more ►

Support to Non-Governmental Organizations Working with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia

Organization for Aid to Refugees, 2007 more ►