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Kosovo – improving foreign investment and business climate, 2011


CzechINVENT Technology Agency, o.p.s., 2011

The project’s aim was to promote social and economic transformation of Kosovo by strengthening the professional capacities of Kosovo National Investment Agency (IPAK) and Kosovo regional development agencies. CzechINVENT organized three expert workshops for the participants in Kosovo and a study trip to the Czech Republic, during which an investment seminar presenting investment opportunities in Kosovo to Czech entrepreneurs took place. Czech experts also provided individual consultations to Kosovo counterparts and helped to identify sites for the location of two new industrial zones in Kosovo (Mitrovica and Giljan sites). Beyond the originally planned scope of activities, the project also organized a well-publicized one-day conference on the status and future of direct foreign investments in Kosovo. The project involved a total of 23 participants (IPAK + all regional development agencies); several participants joined the project during its implementation on their own expense based on positive recommendations of already involved participants. In addition to practical advice and technical know-how the project also developed action plans for attracting investment for the individual regions of Kosovo and helped to initiate the establishment of two new industrial zones in Kosovo.

MFA’s financial support:                    544.356,- CZK