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Evaluation of the State of the Czech Republic´s Integration into NATO




A. Political Dimension

1. The Czech Republic´s Involvement in the Work of NATO Bodies
2. NATO´s Strategic Priorities in the Period up to the Prague Summit
3. Legislation
4. Public Opinion Support

B. Military Dimension

1.Defence Planning
2. Participation in NATO Operations in Southeast Europe
3. The Czech Republic´s Involvement in Operations to Support the Fight Against Terrorism
4. The Defence Industry
5. Infrastructure

C. Civil Emergency Planning

D. Organizational and Technical Background for the Czech Republic´s Operations in NATO

1.Personnel Issues
2. Financial Costs
3. Protection of Classified Materials

E. NATO Summit in Prague


For the full text of the document click here (in MS Word).


Vyhodnocení integrace - angl. 162 kB doc (Word document) Aug 26, 2008